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Line it up: RC lot needs structure

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 If you have a car on campus, you’re probably familiar with the free-for-all parking available on the basketball courts between the Reilly Center and the Richter Center. As if students didn’t have enough to deal with as it is, they also have to deal with parking safely if they attempt to get a spot in…

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Space jams plague student workers


By Kerri Linsenbigler Associate Editor Excluding the townhouse parking lots, there are 214 available daytime parking spaces on St. Bonaventure’s campus. Of these, 163 are available for students. Out of all these open student parking spaces, none are near Hopkins Hall or the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts, both places of student employment.…

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Letter to the Editor: Campus has enough student parking given enrollment

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There is more than enough student parking on campus, despite what many SBU students think. I do not think the column that appeared in last week’s issue of The Bona Venture accurately depicted parking for students on campus. Students should realize there is more than enough parking on campus for them. They should not get…

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Bona’s needs better parking options


By Heather Monahan Features Assignmnet Editor There’s no doubt St. Bonaventure is a small school compared to others. However, Bonaventure takes the small size a bit too seriously. For example, the absolute mess that is student parking. I’ll start with the ridiculousness of designated parking. When I was a freshman, the lot near the tennis…

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