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Bonnies head to Detroit after win at Niagara

By Taylor Nigrelli Staff Writer  ‘New’ and ‘change’ seem to be buzzwords among the lacrosse team for the 2012 season. The players refer to a new coach, a change in attitude, a new style of play and hopefully a change of place in the standings. The Bonnies will travel to  Detroit Mercy Sunday, March 11… Keep Reading


Bonnies earn Hatter Classic Title

By Nate West Assistant News Editor The softball team (8-8) claimed the top spot in the Hatter Classic in Deland, Fla. Feb. 26. It also split a double header against Mount St. Mary’s before falling short in the championship of the North Florida Invite. The Bonnies are now looking forward to their upcoming tournament at Tennessee State in Nashville March 16… Keep Reading

Image courtesy of Senior Kevin Lewis stares down the pin while putting in Goodyear, Ariz. The Bonnies finished 15th in the tournament.

SBU returns to links

The golf team finished 15th of 16 teams in its first tournament of the spring season last week at the Rebath Snowman Getaway, hosted by Washington State, at Palm Valley  Golf Club in Goodyear, Ariz. The Bonnies finished the tournament with a score of 963 (99 over-par).  South Dakota finished last after shooting 986 (122 over-par). Missouri-Kansas City won the tournament with 877 (13 over-par). Junior Greg Horvath led… Keep Reading

Image courtesy of Junior Billy Urban drives it deep during a spring training game. The Bonnies travel to Marshall for a three-game series March 16-18.

Bonnies split spring slate in Winter Haven

By Skye Tulio Assistant Sports Editor The baseball team returned home Monday night from its spring training campaign in Winter Haven, Fla. with a 5-5 record. TheBonnies were 5-2 before losing their last three games. The Brown and White travel to Beckley, W.Va. March 16-18 for  their first road series of the year against Marshall. The first two games of the… Keep Reading

Hannah Chesley/The Bona Venture: St. Bonaventure University is encouraging students to recycle more often with a competition between residence halls throughout the month of March.

Recyclemania promotes friendly competition

By Heather Monahan Staff writer The grass isn’t going to be the only thing turning green on campus in the next few weeks. Students and others around St. Bonaventure will have their own unique chance to help the environment. Recyclemania, which began March 5, runs until March 30. Sister Suzanne Kush, C.S.S.F., director of the Franciscan Center… Keep Reading

Angelia Roggie/The Bona Venture: Co-president Usman Jilani (left), secretary Myra Khan (center) and co-president Mahmuda Khan (right) of the Muslim Student Association discuss ideas and activities for the group in Café LaVerna. The three seniors started the group to give Muslim students a place to practice their religion and beliefs with others similar to them.

Muslim Student Association comes to fruition

By Angelia Roggie Features Editor St. Bonaventure University has a new and unique religious-affiliated group, whose members are coming together and sharing their personal ideologies. This particular club is the Muslim Student Association. The group, created by seniors Usman Jilani, Mahmuda Khan and Myra Khan, held its first interest meeting Feb. 21. The group discovered through its meeting that… Keep Reading


Serving faithfully

By Kerri Linsenbigler Features Assignment Editor Community service is an honored tradition at St. Bonaventure. So when the White House invited 260 schools from across the country to promote interreligious service, Bonaventure accepted. “(The White House) really wanted campuses to get more involved in terms of religious diversity and volunteering,” said Simone Bernstein, a White… Keep Reading

Image courtesy of Paula Scraba: Elementary school students practice motor skills, like throwing and catching, with St. Bonaventure students.

Kinder Kinetics connects recreation with learning

By Heather Monahan Staff writer Learning how to throw and catch a ball is not only a rite of passage for children, but it also gives them the basic foundations of perseverance, cooperation and teamwork. Kinder Kinetics provides local preschool children with a fun opportunity to learn these basic skills from Bonaventure students. The program… Keep Reading

Letter to the editor/OPINION

Saving the view does matter

We all have a duty to nurture and protect the glorious history and the marvelous campus of this fine university. We do that to honor those who have come before us, many carrying huge sacrifices to establish our fine institution. Whether it is placing a new School of Business complex in an inappropriate setting or… Keep Reading

Image courtesy of The film adaptation of “The Lorax” causes a stir among anti-environmentalists.

Conservatives miss point with “Lorax”

By Deirdre Spilman Assistant Opinions Editor The controversy surrounding Universal Studios’ newest animated film, “The Lorax.” is completely uncalled for. “The Lorax” — a film adaptation of a 1971 Dr. Seuss book — arrived in theaters last Friday, and since then many anti-environmentalists have been griping about the film’s not-so-subliminal messages. Claims as ridiculous as ‘Dr. Seuss… Keep Reading

Image courtesy of The bounty system in the NFL puts players at risk of serious injury.

Bounty endangers players

By Kyle Zamiara Sports Editor  Football is a physical sport, plain and simple. Players will get hurt whether injuries are inflicted intentionally or not. It’s part of what is one of the most brutal sports out there. But getting paid to purposely blow out a knee is a different story. ESPN shocked the nation last… Keep Reading

Image courtesy of Al Fischer’s personal life shouldn’t have an effect on his employment status.

Catholic school and church wrongly fired gay teacher

By Mary Best Opinion Editor  As a Catholic elementary school alum, it’s appalling to hear about blatant discrimination from a place that heavily promotes treating everyone with respect. Especially when the victim didn’t do anything wrong. Music teacher Al Fischer was fired from both his job at St. Ann Catholic School in Normandy, Mo. and… Keep Reading

Image courtesy of Savannah Hardin’s punishment for eating a candy bar shouldn’t have caused her death.

Grandmother’s heinous crime justifies harsh punishment

By Emily Sullivan Opinion Assignment Editor When I was a kid, sneaking candy resulted in either an eye roll from my mother or being sent to bed without dessert. For Joyce Hardin Gerard, however, sneaking some chocolate is a capital offense that warrants death. Too bad Gerard herself is now facing her own death sentence.… Keep Reading

Letter to the editor/OPINION

ARAMARK sets record straight about unionization

To the readers of The Bona Venture: Recently, articles have been published in The Bona Venture that present false information about the operations of the university’s contracted food service provider, ARAMARK.  Since many readers of this publication rely on ARAMARKdaily, we thought it important that we communicate directly with you to set the record straight. You trust ARAMARK every day to… Keep Reading

Image courtesy of Wordpress: Public transportation needs to have more trustworthy schedules to keep customers satisfied.

Public transportation needs to be reliable

By Kerri Linsenbigler Features Assignment Editor The U.K. is significantly smaller than North America, in both land and population. Yet the amount of miles traveled by nationwide transportation in the U.K. is almost 10 times greater. But why is nationwide transportation use so low and declining in the U.S.? Three words: it is unreliable. In… Keep Reading

Image courtesy of Without knowledge of nuclear weapons, America shouldn't go to war with Iran.

American power shouldn’t lead to war

By Samantha Berkhead News editor  The tension has built up gradually during several months, and noticing it has become as easy as opening to the international section of a newspaper. In the last three months alone, The New York Times has printed more than 32 stories that foreshadow it, according to The United States… Keep Reading

Image courtesy of Mitt Romney’s flaws weaken his potential success if he advances to the November election.

Super Tuesday points to boring choice

By Kevin Rogers Staff writer If Super Tuesday told us anything, it’s that the GOP primary season has been reduced to a stupor-inducing crawl to inevitability. The magic of waiting up into the wee hours of the night for the final tallies of the early primaries and caucuses is over. In the end, a single… Keep Reading


Charging for ambulance is small price to pay

Staff Editorial No one likes to pay an expenditure they weren’t previously paying, but when health and safety are at stake, an exception must be made. Allegany Rescue and EMS Inc. recently approved a decision to begin billing medical insurance companies for transports and services as of Jan. 1, according to a Feb. 15 letter sent… Keep Reading


Seniors plan Rathskeller Renovation

By Emily Carson News Assignment Editor The class of 2012 announced it will be raising funds to renovate The Rathskeller as its gift to the university. “Logistics are still being worked out, but we will be putting concrete ideas into plan soon,” Courtney Cobb, senior class secretary, said. “We’re currently researching different options that would… Keep Reading

Margaret Sietz/The Bona Venture: Emily Deragon, SGA vice president, observes varying opinion among SGA members about the proposed lunchtime changes in the Hickey Dining Hall.

SGA debates lunchtime changes

By Elizabeth Pray Staff writer The Student Government Association (SGA) met Monday night in the Doyle Trustees’ Room to discuss updates on the Hickey Dining Hall’s overcrowding issue and the Zimride carpooling proposition, followed by numerous club presentations. Emily Deragon, SGA vice president, provided an update regarding the ongoing overcrowding at the Hickey. The proposal to have the lunch hour… Keep Reading

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