Meet the Editors

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Julia Mericle


Julia has been working at The BV since her freshman year, previously holding the position of news editor. She is a journalism and English dual major and thinks it would be fun to work in environmental journalism some day. Besides journalism, she loves being outside and is a big fan of Johnny Cash.


Sophomore/ JMC

Dominic became a journalist because people told him he was good at writing. Now, he does it because he has fallen in love with it. Dominic loves getting to know people and learning their stories. He thinks it’s powerful being able to make a connection in only a few minutes. The BV has allowed him to do this while making friends that will last a lifetime. Besides journalism, Dominic is a fan of the Buffalo Sabres, WWE and the Hamilton soundtrack.



also holds an Associate Editor position

Lian started writing for The BV when she was a freshman. Since then, she’s been news assignment editor, assistant news editor, news editor and is currently photo editor. She is from Buffalo, NY, and works for the Buffalo Bills. She loves watching Friends and quoting Jane Austen. Journalism rules and Sidney Crosby sucks.

PHOTO EDITOR: Rachel Konieczny

Senior/ JMC minoring in Women Studies

also holds an Associate Editor position

Rachel will be attending law school upon graduation to study intellectual property law. She enjoys  working at The BV because it is a great environment that offers hands-on journalistic experience. She has also met some of her best friends at The BV. Rachel most enjoys investigative reporting and sports photography.

NEWS EDITOR: Christina Root

Junior/ JMC major; Political Science minor

Christina is from Syracuse, New York. She has worked on The BV since her sophomore year and has also worked as assistant features editor. In addition to editing she has also acted as foreign correspondent in London, England. She aspires to one day become a political correspondent or an international reporter. While not writing for the paper, she spends her time drinking iced coffee and avoiding deadlines.


Sophomore/ JMC

Jess is from Varysburg, NY.  The youngest of three, she is the first in her family to come to St. Bonaventure, which she chose for its friendliness and plethora of trees. On campus, Jess is involved with SBU for Life, SBU Orion, HERCampus and women’s rugby. She also works as an office assistant in the Jandoli School of Communication, where she makes terrible-tasting coffee for her professors. Her lifelong dream is to work for Penguin Books or to become a real-life version of The Wild Thornberrys, photographing wildlife and going on outrageous adventures.

OPINION EDITOR: Brandon Fields


Brandon Fields is from Hollis, NY. He has worked on The BV since his freshman year and has previously worked as news assignment editor. He enjoys writing about hip-hop culture and bringing a unique perspective to the paper each week. In the future, he hopes to use all the great writing skills he has obtained from writing for The BV in a job in public relations or advertising.



Tom is a Brooklyn-born, Jersey-strong writer and editor. He began writing for The BV in the spring of 2016 and was the feature assignment editor in the fall of 2016. Tom enjoys writing about music and movies, but is also interested in stories involving the student body and the Bonaventure campus.


Freshman/ JMC

Yoselin is originally from Brooklyn, NY. Her aspiration is to be a news anchor. Therefore, she came to St. Bonaventure in a mindset of starting to engage within her major and adapt new skills. She has been writing for The BV as a contributing writer and eventually moved up to be an assistant featured editor. Yoselin is also an assistant news director for WSBU The Buzz. She is extremely proud of being in both because of how much she will be learning and how many skills she will be adapting.

 SPORTS EDITOR: Mikael DeSanto


Mike likes the New York Yankees, New York Giants and New York Rangers. He is in his fourth semester with The BV and has enjoyed covering a wide variety of Bonaventure sports. He is excited to continue providing interesting and informative content on all of the teams on campus and will strive to make each story better than the last.


Junior/ JMC

Kiley is a junior transfer student from North Attleboro, MA. She chose to write for the sports section of The BV because of her interest in sports and love for writing. Kiley enjoys Boston sports, especially the New England Patriots and Boston Bruins. She also enjoys Star Wars and Disney World. While at home, she loves spending time with her family and playing with her dogs.

DIGITAL EDITOR: Jonathan Sawyer


also holds the title of Sports Associate Editor

Jonathan has held three editor positions at The BV. He has also been covering the men’s and women’s basketball teams on campus for two years now. Jonathan covered both men’s and women’s A10 tournaments last season. Women’s was in Richmond, VA and the men’s was in Brooklyn, NY. Jonathan is graduating in May and hopes to enter the sports writing world with a newspaper or a team.


Amelia Kibbe

Senior/JMC and English double major

Amelia began working for The BV the first week her freshman year. After spending time in the features section, she served terms as managing editor and editor-in-chief. Amelia currently serves as an advisory editor. She enjoys editing and shopping and will always request at least one playing of Uptown Girl every BV Wednesday.

Diana McElfresh

Junior/ JMC and English double major

Diana has been working at The BV since her freshman year. She’s also involved with the campus radio station, The Buzz, as well as the campus’s American Advertising Federation agency, Kwerkworks. Beyond communicating, Diana plays the cello and loves reading. She loves T.S. Eliot and yelling, but mostly in a fun way.


Emily Losito


Emily is from Buffalo, NY, and she’s one of five kids. Emily previously held the news editor position at The BV. This will be the second semester she’s working at The BV. Emily is also the interactive co-chair for Campus Activities Board and works in the Teaching and Learning Center as a writing workshop assistant.

Ethan Kibbe


Ethan formerly served as the sports editor of the paper. Now, he serves as an associate editor, reading stories and making sure they’re ready to go to print. Although he loves the BV, his passion lies in broadcasting. Ethan works for the school’s television station, producing content for news programs and live sporting events.