The Bona Venture offers all Bonaventure students a chance to get practical experience in journalism, but it can open doors to any area of communications, including public relations, advertising, broadcasting, etc. Several editors have no aspirations of working for a newspaper as a career, but believe you can do anything if you can write well.

Journalism and mass communication students can also earn up to 100 of the 400 internship hours necessary for graduation, and will have increased access to job and internship opportunities, thanks in large part to a helpful, tight-knit alumni base. Students do not have to be journalism majors to write for The Bona Venture. All majors are encouraged to join the staff!

Perhaps most importantly, you can make lifelong friends who have similar interests and experiences, while working fun-yet-productive team environment. Joining The BV could be the best decision you make during your time at St. Bonaventure. To find out more about joining the staff email us at

Interviews for editorial positions take place at the end of each semester.