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A song that I am listening to

By Matthew Petit, Contributing Writer My love, is a little beast crouching in the woods near a grove. The sycamore trees yawn at her presence; the sun dapples against her brown fur. When I visit her, she holds out her black hands, cupped, wanting a crumb. Instead, I give her an apple. Do you like… Keep Reading


Warm outfits with fall colors

By Jenna Cosentino, Staff Writer Thanksgiving is less than a week away Since the holiday approached this quickly, you probably haven’t thought about what you’re going to wear, if you’re anything like me. Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving the same. Some people might have a giant family dinner at a relative’s house or an intimate family… Keep Reading


Students and faculty welcome at MCCFM

By Natalie Forster, Staff Writer St. Bonaventure, the man this university was named after, spent an incredible amount of time on the idea of community and brotherhood. The friars and staff thought that it would be fitting to host their own dinner to spread the joy of the holidays for students unable to go home… Keep Reading


Bonaventure’s approach to Title IX

By Natalie Forster, Staff Writer After recent sexual assault allegations against Hollywood figures, questions are arising across the country about how sexual assault currently is and should be handled. The St. Bonaventure University Gender-Based Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy states, “At St. Bonaventure University, affirmative consent is outlined as a knowing, voluntary and mutual decision… Keep Reading


ASIA’s Diwali Performance

By Natalie Forster, Staff Writer On Nov. 7, Asian Students in Action hosted their annual Diwali show in the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts. People from different backgrounds gathered to celebrate life through the story of a classic Disney movie. Based around The Jungle Book, the show focused on the traditional Asian dancing,… Keep Reading


Vintage looks dominate chilly season

By Brianna McKnight, Staff Writer Winter 2017 is arriving as well as the latest trends in winter jackets and boots. This year, winter accessories, shoes and coats are fashionable and awesome for keeping warm while trekking through the harsh Bonaventure winters. The puffer has been worn for many winters, but this year, puffer coats for… Keep Reading


Unsung heroes: Cassidy in Security

By Faith Topoloski, Staff Writer When a machine works smoothly and runs perfectly, the most important parts are often blurred into the whole thing. If Saint Bonaventure is the machine, one of those important parts is Cassidy Nicholas, who is part of the vital department of Campus Safety and Security. Nicholas holds many roles and… Keep Reading


Foundation hosts comedy event to raise money

By Faith Topolski Contributing Writer Good Times of Olean will be hosting a comedy event presented by The ReHabilitation Foundation to offer opportunities to those with special needs on Saturday, Nov. 4. The ReHabilitation Foundation was founded to help financially support the ReHabilitation Center that was established in 1957. The foundation, in addition to supporting… Keep Reading


Dress it up or down: “duck duck” boots

By Jenna Cosentino, Staff Writer Duck boots have been all the rage as the go-to fall and winter boots for decades, but have recently made a comeback as Millennials staple boots for the past couple years. During the holidays, it is next to impposible to find a single pair of “bean boots” on the shelves… Keep Reading


SBU brings theater company to Quick

By Natalie Forster, Staff Writer The National Players is America’s longest-running touring company, centered in Montgomery County, Maryland. Performing for 69 years, this touring season showcased “Alice in Wonderland,” “The Great Gatsby” and, most recently, “Othello.” On Oct. 30, the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts welcomed the National Players in its performance of… Keep Reading


Considering what it means to be asexual

By Mark Ventrice and Kaden Kreitzburg Contributing Writers I’m an asexual person. According to What is Asexuality, an online resource for the asexual spectrum, asexuality is (“ace”, for short) simply someone who does not experience sexual attraction. Aces can be any sex, gender, age, ethnic background or body type; they can be rich or poor,… Keep Reading


Sweater weather adds fall flair

As college students, we are always looking to maximize our budget and are all about multi-use items. With colder weather already in full swing, every store you go into will have sweaters and hopefully they are going to be on sale. Lucky for us, Olean has an Old Navy and they are always – and… Keep Reading


SBU hip-hop show did not disappoint

On Oct. 24, St. Bonaventure University’s hip-hop team performed its sold-out fall show, Clue: Murder at Boddy’s Mansion. After debating whether or not to do a Nightmare Before Christmas show, the captains ultimately decided on Clue after deciding Nightmare’s music would not work well. The synopsis of the follows the murder of Mrs. Boddy at… Keep Reading


MSA club visits the Big Apple

The Muslim Students and Allies (MSA) is a club on campus that junior Amina Golden-Arabaty started her freshman year. Two years later, the club has grown to sustain major trips. On Oct. 21, MSA took their first club trip to the Met museum in New York City, but this was not MSA’s first off-campus trip.… Keep Reading


Bona alum empowers young women

When Kayte Malik was finishing up her MBA in 2016 at the University of Notre Dame, she came up with the idea of Dresscode. The idea behind Dresscode is that there is beauty in technology and innovation. Malik said she hopes to erase the stigma that computer science and technology are seen as “nerdy” and… Keep Reading


Second season puts dark twist on drama

      A calm opening quickly led to chaos in the second season premiere of Riverdale. In the season one finale, viewers are left with Archie’s dad, Fred, who was shot by a masked man with green eyes. Betty, Veronica and Jughead are all safely in their homes while Archie, without a driver’s license,… Keep Reading


Rainy days bring new fashion trends

      When it comes to fashion, don’t let a little rain dampen current fashion trends. The rain actually allows people to dress in styles and trends you can’t always wear.       There are so many cute outfits that can be worn on a rainy day whether it is cold or warm… Keep Reading


Timid Empathy

Come a bit closer, yes you, stranger. I want to get to know you. Hey now! I’m serious here! Don’t laugh, that’s mean you know. Drop me your name, maybe your story, perhaps your life at home. I want to know you. You matter to me, stranger. We both get the chance to see each… Keep Reading


Peace Pole unites cultures of Bonas

By Kaylyn Foody Contributing Writer Outside the McGinley Carney Center, another new staple of Bonaventure inclusivity was introduced: a simple, wooden pole with a few, minimalistic white signs. But, the peace poll resembles more than that. It resembles interfaith unity, something Bonaventure’s campus culture and curriculum avidly supports. Jordan Golden-Arabaty, a sophomore strategic communications major… Keep Reading


My Body Stays

By Jacob Przesiek Never touched a die or playing card in my life but I still lost mine in Vegas. I don’t bet on change because the odds are stacked against me. Washington is a gambling town and the house always wins. See, it’s funny because people died and nothing changes. It’s like a joke… Keep Reading

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