About Us We are St. Bonaventure University’s student-run campus newspaper since 1926. The Bona Venture takes you inside the Bona Bubble like no other media outlet through its news, opinion, arts & life and sports sections.

Quick Facts

  • 1000 copies per weekly issue
  • 8 pages per issue
  • Distribution on & off campus
  • Around 2000 undergraduate students

 Standard Rates

Full page (9.6” Wide x 20.5” Tall) – $550

1/2 of a page (9.6” Wide x 10.25” Tall) – $240

1/4 of a page (4.8” Wide x 10.25” Tall) – $130

1/8 of a page (4.8” Wide x 5.125” Tall) – $75

1/16 of a page (2.3” Wide x 5.35” Tall) – $40


*Ads printed in color (with the exception of page 8 and page 1 ears) have a $100 fee

*There is a 10 percent price increase for The Bona Venture to design the ad

Special Positioning Secure your ad with a guaranteed spot of your choice in our paper. All ads printed on our front and back pages are printed in color. There are 2 ears located on the back page; to the left and right of the title heading.


Front Page Footer (9.6” Wide x 2” Tall) – $130

Back Page Footer (9.6” Wide x 2” Tall) – $120

Back Page Ears (2” Wide x 1” Tall) – $60


Guaranteed Positioning on any other page – 25 percent price increase on desired size.

For example, if you would like your ad “far forward,” there is only one page in our paper to accommodate that, and this charge would apply.


Please be aware that The BV does not send ad proofs if the ad is designed by the client and sent to us.

Classified Ads

20 word minimum – $7

$0.15 per word after that


$200 per issue


Discounted Rates

5 Issues per semester – 5% Discounted Rates

10 Issues per semester – 10% Discounted Rates

15 Issues per semester – 20% Discounted Rates

Contact Us

Jonathan Sawyer, Advertising Manager –

Phone – (315) 877-2339

Dani Carrasco, Assistant Advertising Manger –

Phone – (323) 532- 2183

Tyler Grudi, Assistant Advertising Manger –

Phone – (717) 585-8207

 Payment Information All checks are made payable to The Bona Venture and can be mailed to: Drawer X. St. Bonaventure NY, 14778. Issues are distributed every Friday and ad requests must be received 8 p.m. the Tuesday before the issue you would like your ad published. Proofs can be altered up to 10 a.m. on Thursday.