Spring pieces brighten up winter wardrobe


By Jenna Consentino, Staff Writer

The winter blues seem to have finially hit when we heard that the groundhog saw his shadow. That encounter means there are six weeks of winter left. With six weeks of winter comes six more weeks of styling outfits to match the weather. But don’t fear; there are many ways to brighten up your winter wardrobe.
First off, dig through your spring and summer clothes bin and pull out anything bright colored, patterned and floral. Fun jewelry and not your normal neutral unconventional shoes are a must, too.
Depending on the weather outside, sneakers and flats are a good go to, instead of clunking around in winter boots. If you’re looking for more pieces to spice up your outfits, check out your favorite stores and see what new arrivals they have.
Usually, this is the time that clothing stores retailers start launching their spring lines. Some of my favorite brands to check out are Asos, Forever21 and Romwe, they range in a variety of different styles and prices.
A great way to bring some sunshine to your normal class outfit can be done by adding different pieces to your outfit and swapping out your black T-shirt for a floral pattern, layering it under a jacket or cardigan.
Also, instead of wearing a pair of dark jeans or dark pants, maybe go with a pair that’s light colored with embroidery or distressing to brighten up your fit. Madewell and American Eagle have great denim pieces and some basic pieces good for layering.
Another way to add some color to your outfit is pairing it with fun accessories. This can be done by adding statement earrings, fun sneakers or a cute backpack or handbag. Tassel earrings have become more popular the past two seasons, so they will most likely be in every store if you want to join the trend. American Eagle also has a variety of fun spring shoes with different colors and patters. Topshop and Princess Polly have a lot of trendy retro pieces that would a good place to find fun shoes as well.
Another emerging trend is slip-on sneakers. This type of sneaker comes in so many different colors, patterns and heights, if you’re trying to appear taller. If you are already on the slip-on bandwagon, try swapping out your neutral colors for a baby pink colored, lavender, floral or any pattern you come across.
The stores that were mentioned range in price, which means you are for sure going to find what you are looking for. These stores also have many different accessories and brands that give you a wide variety, depending on your style.
According to Harpers Bazaar, the upcoming trends for spring are going to be pink, lilac, duck egg blue and bold colors, as well as checkered patterns and floral patterns, to name a few. Be sure to check clothing stores in the upcoming weeks for more fashion inspiration and different spring pieces.
Even though it is still cold out and there is snow on the ground, you are going to be a walking ray of sunshine with these tips and tricks.

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