Vote no for Roy Moore


By Brandon Sapienza, Staff Writer

The senate race in Alabama marks the first time in a long time that the state of Alabama was mentioned without the word football following it. Roy Moore, a former judge, and a controversial one at that, has caused a bit of a stir after it was revealed that Moore had relations with underage girls. If that wasn’t bad enough, here’s the kicker; polls show that he’s winning.
Politically, this country is in a rough spot. Divided, angry and agitated are words that can best describe the situation the United States finds itself in. The potential of a person being elected to the U.S. Senate with a history of being a sexual predator just adds more wood to this burning fire in Washington.
Of course, this dilemma would not be overseen by President Trump as he said, “The last thing we need in Alabama and the U.S. Senate is a Schumer/Pelosi puppet who is weak on crime, weak on the border, bad for our military and our great vets, bad for our 2nd Amendment, and wants to raise taxes to the sky.”
As a Republican who shares many of the values held in high regard within the party, I would vote for a Democrat if that meant a child molester was not voted in.
More than anything, I find it astonishing how this is even a problem. Common sense would dictate that if you are sexual predator, you won’t go far in life. Yet here we are today, and Roy Moore is currently leading in the polls by a whopping six points according to an Emerson College poll.
A situation like the one we’re seeing in Alabama should be a good cause for politics and party lines to be thrown out the window and instead replaced with morals and basic human dignity. For the sake of the Republican Party, but more importantly the United States, Roy Moore cannot be elected to serve as a U.S. Senator.

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