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Love and Other Long Dead Predators


By Joe Giglio, Chattertons

Love is a velociraptor
a long dead predator we’ve only seen the remnants of.
And I’m Dr. John Hammond,
trying to bring it back out of a mix of great desire,
a moneymaking scheme,
and it will be my undoing-
or maybe it won’t.
Sure his life work was destroyed,
but he didn’t get eaten by a raptor.
I guess he did ok.

Love is the sequel to Jurassic Park.

Love is a vampire
wringing their hands in a turn of the 16th century castle
hopelessly out of place in the Buffalo suburbs,
waiting for you to stumble through its doors.

Anything we say was said before,
even calling love a velociraptor was likely uttered once –
and in an only slightly different context.
Even the things said only to ourselves in the dark
were shouted by a man on the subway
who’s unwilling companion stopped listening long ago,
but we continue to say them
because silence is deafening.


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