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Warm outfits with fall colors


By Jenna Cosentino, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is less than a week away Since the holiday approached this quickly, you probably haven’t thought about what you’re going to wear, if you’re anything like me.
Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving the same. Some people might have a giant family dinner at a relative’s house or an intimate family dinner in PJs all day. No worries, no matter what you do on Thanksgiving, you’re covered.
We’ll start off with the most basic outfit: PJs and stretchy pants because you know you’re going to stuff yourself with turkey; there are no rules against it. Throw on your favorite broken-in sweats or head over to your favorite store and pick up new lounge wear. You’ll be able to stuff your face with so much turkey and not worry about your pants button flying off and hitting grandma in the eye.
There are cute ways to dress up some sweats. Pair your sweats with some converse or comfy sneakers. Pair the duo with a neutral scarf and loose t-shirt topped off with your winter jacket.
Now, if your family makes you look presentable for the occasion, it’s easy to look cute and comfy.
First thing to do is figure out your color palette. When you think of Thanksgiving, you think warm and deep colors. You don’t have to stick with solids; you can mix and match different patterns. Basically, things that are in the same color family can work. The best way to test this theory is to just start trying on outfits. Olive greens and burnt oranges are two positively fall colors that also match each other. Booties are a popular shoe to pair a straight pant with for a fancy Thanksgiving.
A trend to look out for is velvet. Velvet is huge this season and will definitely carry over into the winter season. It is a great, versatile trend. I have seen so many stores with velvet tops, bodysuits, sweatshirts, dresses, rompers and jumpsuits. There are many different ways to style these pieces and it’s a great way to experiment mixing and matching.
Dresses are great if you need to be dressed up. They are great because you can still eat as much as you want without busting a button. Pair it with a statement necklace or a blanket scarf along with booties or thigh-high boots. If the dress is short sleeved, you might want to throw on a cardigan, depending on the weather.
Sweaters and blouses are also an option by pairing them with leggings or jeans, boots and your own accessory. You can either dress them up or down.
Be sure to keep in mind these easy outfit tips when searching for your Thanksgiving outfit. Mix it up this year and try something new!

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