Vintage looks dominate chilly season


By Brianna McKnight, Staff Writer

Winter 2017 is arriving as well as the latest trends in winter jackets and boots. This year, winter accessories, shoes and coats are fashionable and awesome for keeping warm while trekking through the harsh Bonaventure winters.
The puffer has been worn for many winters, but this year, puffer coats for women are going back in time. Cropped jackets and coats haven’t been worn by people within the fashion industry for a while, but this winter, the cropped coat is making a comeback. Long puffer jackets and coats are still in style for women and men, but now so are cropped puffer jackets for women.
The jackets may seem unpractical, but on the cool days we’ve had lately, they might be the perfect outerwear for walking to class. The cropped jacket style isn’t only making a comeback in puffer-styled coats, though; fur jackets are becoming a big thing, as well. Fur coats started out as a fun “extra” accessory sometime in the last two years, but we are seeing more and more of them. The fur cropped jacket has been seen on display in many stores like Forever21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Revolve and Zara. The prices range from $50 to $1,000 throughout theses stores but really help make a statement when worn with a simple and casual outfit.
Cropped jackets give the perfect street style look while the midi winter jacket gives you more of a chic and sometimes sporty look. You can also pair a bomber or cropped puffer coat with a sporty look for the perfect street style combination. But lightweight puffer jackets will give you a more down-to-earth sporty look and are perfect for the beginning of winter.
Once the ground is covered in snow, sneakers aren’t really acceptable anymore—especially when walking around campus. Some of the most popular boots worn in the winter are found on the SOREL website. SOREL has been said to have the chicest winter boots of 2017, and they are known for long-lasting or “their high quality” and great durability. SOREL has many different styles for all temperatures and weather conditions, and the best part is they are also very trendy. Boots with a wedge or heel are probably my favorite fashion trend for this winter and the most affordable. You can take a casual outfit to the next level by pairing it with heeled or wedged winter boots.
This winter is getting sassy with cropped coats, heeled boots and fur. The more fur the better. Designers are obsessing over fur on hoods of coats, fur on the inside of coats, fur on and in boots, all over fur coats and fur on just about everything. Nicole Benisti, is one of my favorite luxury designers. It originated in Montreal, and their coats are a dream. Get into these winter trends and have fun expressing yourself through your choice of style. The fashion industry is booming, and there are so many new online stores and apps to shop on. Go explore and try something new.