Unsung heroes: Cassidy in Security


By Faith Topoloski, Staff Writer

When a machine works smoothly and runs perfectly, the most important parts are often blurred into the whole thing. If Saint Bonaventure is the machine, one of those important parts is Cassidy Nicholas, who is part of the vital department of Campus Safety and Security.
Nicholas holds many roles and jobs that help students’ campus experiences be the best possible.
Nicholas has been with the university since October 2014 after she had moved to the area over the prior summer and has held many different positions under her title of Security Professional 1.
“I have been a little bit of everything within the department, slipping in and out of the phone booth for my many uniforms under the Security Professional 1 title,” Nicholas said.
She was eager to join the campus community because of a friar she knew who had a significant place in her life. She started working in memory of him and now she helps countless people through her work in the Safety and Security Office. Nicholas also has a deep appreciation for the campus itself describing it as “the most beautiful place on earth”.
“[W]alking it always brings a very wonderful peace to me,” Nicholas added.
One of her main jobs is being the second shift’s main dispatcher from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m., which is often the busiest shift. Her responsibilities include monitoring all security systems, writing reports, directing campus guards, which she sometimes gets out of the office to do, and concluding investigations.
Her guard duties can include anything from locking up to greeting people as they come in to the basketball games.
Nicholas added she enjoys the games very much because she “can watch our Men’s team shatter the competition”. Also, she wants to make sure she is “present for all student needs.”
Joe Giglio, a Junior Professional and Creative Writing and History double major and former Resident Assistant, knows Nicholas and expressed her impact.
“Cassidy is definitely one of the kindest people I’ve encountered on this campus,” Giglio said. “She’s always willing to help you out if you have an issue, and she always goes out of her way to say hello if she sees you around. Being on duty when Cassidy was on was always an amazing experience.”
Ms. Nicholas has also taken on the position of interim parking administrator, which is in a whole other part of the department. She is also a level 2 Title IX investigator.
“I love my work at the University, it is very fulfilling for me,” Nicholas said. “I can take courses as I wish, either for building credentials or for genuine interest. The students present at St. Bonaventure University are the most brilliant up and coming minds. They are the future of our world. I love being a part of it.”
“I feel [Ms. Nicholas] is the most student-centered Security Officer I have had the pleasure to supervise,” said Gary Segrue, director of Safety and Security. “She treats students with compassion and understanding and completes her daily duties with customer service in mind.”
The important work Nicholas does and the dedication she feels for the University and all those on campus should be recognized and commended with the utmost appreciation.
Nicholas serves as an example of the many people who are not recognized often enough for their contributions to the high quality of service the university provides.