Students concerned over course offerings

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By Ashlee Gray, Contributing Writer

Rachel Griffin, a senior English major, must take senior forum or Clare 401, in order to graduate. However, when it came to her registration time, there were no more sections open.
“I can’t take forum because all the sections are already full,” Griffin said.
Some of the issues experienced by Griffin stem from the changing curriculum from Clare College to the New General Education,
David G. Hilmey, the dean of arts and sciences, explained transitioning from Clare to the new Gen. Ed. has generated only a few problems, and the faculty at St. Bonaventure have been working hard to fix any problems that may spring up along the way.
“It is a manual process and not everything runs perfectly,” Hilmey said, “It is a case-by-case basis, and some things have not been moved over yet. The registrar’s office has been very responsive when they see a problem.”
Most courses that are required by Clare College have been substituted with courses that fill general education requirements. These substitutions apply to all students. There is one small exception for seniors.
Hilmey said, “The only courses that are the same for seniors are Clare 401 and Clare 302, Natty World. Seniors have to take Natty World or Stars and Stellars, the traditional courses to graduate.”
Hilmey and Dr. Guy Imhoff, interim dean of Clare College, have expressed to Student Government Association that the switch will not conflict with student’s agendas.
“If there is a situation where a student feels as if they need to take more courses or take something they did not expect, we want them to talk to us,” Hilmey said. “If there are roadblocks, we will clear them for or students. We will make sure they get their Clare or Gen. Ed. requirements done in a way that will not penalize them in the amount of courses they have to take or the time they spend here.”
To combat the problem that students like Griffin have run into, the university is adding another section of Clare 401.
“We miscalculated the numbers of students and by adding another 401 course, everyone has a chance to get it done,” Hilmey said.
Aside from the two courses required by seniors, all of the Clare requirements have been replaced or have equivalent course substitution. Some Clare courses, such as Clare 206, are still offered, but have multiple substitutions. Other Clare courses, like Clare 207, will not be offered, but there will be equivalent courses available with enough seats for Gen. Ed. students and those finishing their Clare requirements.
Another issue is the possibility that students are unaware of the substitutions for Clare courses.
“There is a document for sophomore and juniors that explains what courses fulfill Clare requirements,” said Imhoff.
This document can be found online under the New General Education.
“We apologize for the mishaps, not everything is perfect,” Hilmey said. “We are doing our best and we will make sure if there is an issue, we solve it. But if we don’t know the issues, it’s hard for us to move forward. Contact anyone, advisor, Dr. Imhoff, myself, the registrar’s office, if you have a question. We want to help our students.”

SHIFT CURRICULUM-Students had trouble finding classes required according to their degree audit. Many issues come from the switch from Clare COllege to General Education. Courses such as “the Good Life” and “Religious Texts” are hard to come by.