It’s ok, You’re ok. You have to stay ok
You’re always ok. Things don’t bother you, because why should they.
It will always be ok, and that’s ok.
It has to be ok.
If you’re not ok, who will be.
Take the shot, bear the blow
It’s your place, it’s always been your place.
Know your place and don’t try and change it
Understand “ok” is the only feeling you can show

Always be yourself your told,
and this is you
The one with shoulders as wide as a mountain
Mountains that people climb; claim
Retreat to your own emotions on your own time
The world needs you to be ok

It’s ok to always be ok
At least I think it is
What could possibly be wrong with always just being ok
People have it harder than you
So you should be ok

Ok, so happiness is over 200 miles away
It’s not that far
and happiness still exists
so you have no reason to not be ok.

You feel alone and on the outside
But you’re just overthinking
You didn’t deserve to cry

You don’t deserve pity,
you’re not even that busy
Everyone gets stressed
You’re supposed to be gritty

You’re the man
What can bother you

You’re an alpha
Everyone thinks so
At least compared to everyone else

You’re ok

You surrounded yourself this way
It’s your own fault you feel this way
People need you to be this way
Even if you feel you can’t go on this way
You have to stay

Your shoulders can take the weight
At least they have to anyway

Whether you like it or not
Even though you’re not ok
Never put on a face
That doesn’t say
“I’m ok.”