Marketing gone wrong

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It’s no surprise that LaVar Ball has kept himself in the eye of the media over the past few months, especially now.
Lonzo made his NBA debut, LaMelo was pulled from Chino Hills High School and LiAngelo (was) set to make an “impact” on the UCLA men’s basketball team. We’ll see how that happens after the shoplifting incident.
I’ll admit LaVar is a marketing genius. He hyped up his boys so much that they are always the center of attention, which is exactly what he wants.
However, what really bothers me is how he takes away fame from his sons.
Remember when LaMelo dropped 92 points during a high school game? I think everyone does. But before that, I had no clue who the Ball family was. I just knew Lonzo was a key player on UCLA. LiAngelo didn’t even exist to me.
Since then, the Ball family’s value has skyrocketed. It’s honestly impressive.
Then things started to get annoying and out of control.
LaVar was on television, releasing overpriced shoes through his family’s brand and started making wild claims about himself and his sons.
I get that he’s trying to promote the Big Baller Brand, but he doesn’t have to do it in an obnoxious manner. Why is he always in the media’s face about Lonzo’s playing time in the NBA, and how are people not fed up with him yet?
I used to enjoy the entertainment, but quickly got over his cockiness. It’s gotten to the point where if I see him on my television, I’ll turn the station. I don’t care if it’s Celtics vs. Lakers; if he’s being interviewed, I’m going straight to the Food Network.
He’s doing a disservice to all of his sons, especially Lonzo. With his insane words, he’s making Lonzo’s rookie season even harder because he’s painting a target on his back.
Does no one else think it’s weird to see a professional basketball player’s dad complaining about his teammates’ performances and effectively calling out players he’s about to face? It’s absolutely ridiculous. This is a 19-year-old kid who missed most of training camp due to an ankle injury and is starting for a historic franchise. Let him do his own thing.
Claiming his son is better than anyone he faces seems to be his plan to show how good his son is. He truly believes Lonzo can stumble into the NBA and be as elite as Steph Curry. Does LaVar also believe he could take on Michael Jordan and destroy him? I’m at the point where I don’t know if he’s kidding and wants even more attention or is completely insane. It’s not even about his kids anymore. If he’s in the limelight, he’s happy. That looks real mature.
I also don’t like how it’s his way or the highway. In AAU, if a he doesn’t like a referee, he takes his team off the court. What does that teach your players? To quit when things aren’t going your way, maybe?
I could never imagine my mom walking up to one of my coaches and complaining about what’s going on in a game and saying that I’m the answer for everything. One, that’s embarrassing. Two, it’s my game, not her’s.
So, LaVar, promote your brand. No one is holding anything against you for that. You’ve built it up with your personality and strategic planning.
People start to get annoyed when you think your opinions are better than a professional’s. Let Magic Johnson and his staff dictate the future of the Los Angeles Lakers and stay out of it. They know what they’re doing. You don’t.
You don’t deserve to complain about Lonzo’s playing time in the fourth quarter. Maybe he should show up for the first three.
Also, LiAngelo’s arrest is a big deal.