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My Body Stays


By Jacob Przesiek

Never touched a die
or playing card in my life
but I still lost mine
in Vegas.

I don’t bet on change
because the odds are
stacked against me.
Washington is a gambling
town and the house
always wins.

See, it’s funny
because people died
and nothing changes.
It’s like a joke that never
stops being funny no
matter how many times
it’s told.

You can’t just kill a joke
at a country music festival.
It’ll live its life uninterrupted
and finally pass into the realm
of dead memes once it
runs its course;
when the last window in America
is boarded over, and no one
ever goes outside.
We’re so lucky to live in a country
that does such a good job
of protecting its comedy.

‘Country music always tasted like blood.
Don’t you remember?’
Must have kept those memories
in the legs I used to walk on.

A husband died for his wife
of a year.
“He saved my life,”
but lost his own.
If he died a virgin
he’d’ve still given more f***s than the
who pretend to care.

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