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Hit snooze: quick last minute outfit tips


By Jenna Cosentino

Staff Writer

In college, there comes a time when we stay up late, cram for exams, try to read a whole textbook or just simply opt to binge-watching Netflix. With midterms right around the corner, these nights become more and more frequent.

Waking up for 8:30 classes is always a struggle and so is looking presentable. We have all snoozed our alarms long enough until we only have 20 minutes to get ready for class. Here are some tips and tricks that make snoozing your alarm acceptable.

First thing’s first: Go splash some cold water on your face. It is going to make you feel refreshed and awake. Since you only have time for the essentials, quickly rub some concealer under your eyes to cover up those dark circles and put on a coat of mascara. Throw your hair up in a top knot, messy bun, ponytail or cute braids and you are halfway there.

Thankfully, we are on the verge of the colder weather so if you are wearing leggings and a sweatshirt, class on the 3rd floor of Plassmann won’t be a sauna. With that being said, leggings are essential for early morning classes because they are so comfy and versatile. You can throw on a flannel with a vest or show your school spirt with your favorite worn-out Bona’s sweatshirt.

If you are more into the sporty look, throw on a pair of patterned workout leggings or joggers with a T-shirt or workout jacket and sneakers. Top it off with your favorite baseball hat if you are on day-two hair, and you are good to go.

Sometimes you have to look nice for class because you have some sort of presentation. Throw on a pair of jeans with a long sleeve shirt and add a scarf and some riding boots. Or you can substitute the jeans with leggings, adding a long sweater and scarf.

College is all about being comfy and casual. You have all the essentials hanging right in your closet. You may have the occasional dress-up day where you actually do your hair or wear a nice blouse, but mostly, comfort is key. A T-shirt and jeans is the way to go.

So, before you hop out of bed and frantically pick up the first thing you see, keep in mind these quick and easy outfit tips.

They will make it look like you have your life together and you were going for the grunge/comfy look in the first place.

Don’t find yourself realizing in the middle of class that your T-shirt has a giant stain on it and you are wearing two different shoes. Take a deep breath – you got this!

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