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The BV welcomes new editor-in-chief


I’ve said it since I started, The BV is a labor of love.
I still remember signing up for the club at my first club fair. I wrote down “sports,” thinking this would be great for my resume. I’m writing for a college newspaper. I remember my first sports editor, Ethan Kibbe, guiding me through edits, story ideas and improving my writing each week. Now he’s a senior and a close, personal friend.
I quickly made my way up the chain, and now I’m the editor-in-chief (EIC) of The BV. In the two years I’ve been a part of the paper, I have fallen in love with the newsroom in the Reilly Center basement. The old couch, the broken chair hung in the pipe on the ceiling, the most noteworthy of staffers’ quotes posted on the wall and some of the greatest people I will ever meet, who I now call my friends.
The BV is a student-run newspaper, and the students running it are some of the hardest workers you will ever meet. To this point, I’ve only had four meetings as the EIC, but I can already tell how incredible my staff is. They are creative, intelligent and hell-bent on providing quality content every week.
The BV has plans down the pipeline to evolve as the year goes on. We plan on expanding our social media outreach, online presence through our website and ideas that could create involvement throughout the entirety of campus.
We hope to become a larger part of the St. Bonaventure community and, hopefully, parts of the surrounding Allegany– Olean area.
I would like to thank a few of the people that prepared me to take over as The BV’s new EIC.
To Diana McElfresh and Julia Mericle, I am indebted to you both for not only being patient with me as your managing editor, but for also taking me on as a friend. Over the course of last year, both of you made incredible EICs and even better friends.
To my sports editors, Kibbe, Nick Konotopskyj and Jon Sawyer, you all made me a better writer and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue The BV further.
To the seniors who graduated last May, it was hard to say goodbye to all of you. The BV doesn’t feel the same without you, but I hope to make you all proud of the direction The BV is heading.
To the advisor of our paper, professor Carole McNall, I apologize in advance. I will be emailing you late at night for advice and stopping by your office every day for even more of it.
Finally, to my current staff, I’m already excited for this semester. The BV is something I take pride in, and I will remember it as my favorite part about college. I thank you in advance for all the hard work I know you’ll all do. Wednesday nights will fly by.
The BV is a labor of love; so let’s get to work.

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