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New club delves into Chinese culture

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By Faith Topolski

Contributing Writer


As clubs start back up for fall semester, a new club is emerging for those interested in learning about Chinese culture and language. The club was suggested by Barry Gan, Ph.D, who recruited a few students to attempt to get the club started.

Officially taking off has required a few tries, but the club has been up and running preparing plans and activities for the semester. The premise of the organization is to offer activities that engage participants in the Chinese culture.

For instance, those in charge of the club have had the idea to cook a traditional Chinese meal, and maybe learning to use chopsticks, while utilizing the Chinese language. Dr. Gan’s wife, Miao Li, who is from China and a native speaker of the language, has been a guiding hand for the club and helps with teaching reading, writing, and speaking.

Vice President Yongjing Ye shared that there is a possibility of a trip to Rochester to experience a Chinese market and how it is different than stores like Tops and Walmart. The meeting place and time has yet to be worked out, but once people’s schedules are considered definitive, a time will be announced.

Students who are looking to get involved can watch for announcements on the Notice Board or listen for updates from Dr. Gan. The club was present at the Club and Organization Fair and there is a possibility of advertising at Bonagany.

President Gabrielle Richards-Hinds is working hard to stir up as much interest in freshman and transfer students as possible. She has helped restart the club because she feels that the Chinese language is an important subject that should be offered.

“Coming from learning Chinese for four years in high school…I thought they were going to continue offering Chinese, but when I came into my freshman year they didn’t offer it anymore,” said Richards-Hinds.

A long-term goal for the club in the next two to three years is to grow and accumulate as much support as possible. They are determined to have Chinese added back as an official language and for a class to be offered. They want an option for students who wish to continue with the language beyond high school.

Anyone who is interested in any part of Chinese culture is welcome to join the club and expand their knowledge. Richards-Hinds stresses that, “The club is welcome to anyone who wants to speak, learn, read and write Chinese, even if they have never taken the language before.”

Those who want to join are encouraged to come as often as possible, however, attending every meeting is not mandatory.

The Chinese Club is an exciting new opportunity to be immersed in a culture as full of history and tradition as the campus on which it is held.

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