Thankful for BV


Rachel Konieczny

Co-Photo Editor


The Bona Venture is by far one of the best groups I have been involved with on campus during my time at St. Bonaventure.
From the outgoing staff to countless, delirious, early-morning layout sessions, I can confidently say the BV helped to positively shape my undergraduate career. Working as news editor and photo editor, I had the opportunity to interview prominent individuals on campus about important issues as well as see my byline in the paper nearly every week. I still get excited when I see my byline in an issue today.
I’m thankful to the BV for providing such a welcoming environment in which I gained invaluable experience as a journalist and had fun doing so. Thank you, also, for letting me play Taylor Swift on repeat.
I am especially thankful for our adviser and my mentor, Professor Carole McNall, for devoting her time and energy to The BV and providing us with countless story ideas. The BV would not be possible without her support, as well as the support and feedback from the Jandoli School faculty.
If you are at all curious or wondering if you should join the BV, please do. I guarantee you will never meet such a caring and dedicated group of people.
I’m thankful I did.