Fernandes’ final call


By Andrea Fernandes

Associate Editor


My involvement with The BV began shortly after someone told me I wouldn’t succeed as a contributing writer, yet alone, be able to move up and become an editor. When I was a freshman, there were no minorities who were part of The BV. I was told that as a minority, I had no chance of fitting in the campus newsroom environment. Being who I am, this discouragement made me curious to learn more and to possibly give it a shot. I met with the now retired, Professor Vecchio, who told me that The BV would be beneficial to me as a writer, and before I knew it, I was writing my first story about Mardi Gras for the features section.
The fourth story I wrote for The BV was on the front page, and from then on, I was hooked. Nothing mattered more to me than feats and BV Wednesdays. I went from wanting to prove someone wrong, to developing a real passion for every aspect of The BV. There was something new to learn every week, someone new to meet and interview for a story, and new conversations to have in the newsroom on Wednesday nights with some of the most amazing people I’ve met on this campus. Amelia Kibbe, Emmy Kolbe, Liam McGurl and my bestfriend Lauren Zazzara, are just a few of the people who will always have a special place in my heart. Had I not written for The BV, I wouldn’t have developed such a close friendship with any of them.
I will forever be grateful for The BV because of the valuable skills I learned as an editor, the internships I attained because of the experience I gained, and for the friendships. I’m sure that my peer who told me that I’d never make it far in The BV would’ve had a phenomenal experience, too, had he risen above his ignorant thoughts. Also, huge thanks to Vecchio for giving me that extra push I needed without even realizing it. I will forever be grateful for having the pleasure to work with so many amazing professors and students. My experience at Bonas would not have been the same without The BV.