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Syd returns with soulful tape


Syd Bennett, formerly known as Syd tha Kid and mostly known from her work with Odd Future, has been in the music scene for quite some time, but it is doubtful that many had heard of her.

Syd released her solo debut album early this year and her reactions were “encore.” This album, Fin, is a contemporary blend of R&B and soul. With a runtime of only 38 minutes, listeners feel that they have Syd’s full story. She’s mostly focusing on beats that are catchy, but she doesn’t keep her listeners out of the loop when it comes to intimacy. With only 12 tracks this album can easily be one to put on repeat.

The second track, “Know,” gives a sensual and sexy vibe for listeners. The song starts out with an electronic take on string instruments which opens up to the beat dropping and Syd coming on. This idea of not letting anyone know about a romance between her and her lover is the main idea here, to keep their relationship a secret. The background singers bring forward the terms that need more emphasis that Syd can’t give as she’s busy vocalizing what little details she can sing on the track.

“All About Me,” the fifth song on the album, is all about Syd—literally the song title gives it away. She’s really gassing herself here, which is totally okay. Electronic beats and a consistent bass stay strong for this song. The lyrics are the center of attention. She makes an ode to her family and loyal friends, her “squad.” She explains how anything she does, she does it for herself and doesn’t feel the need to explain those choices to anyone.

Immediately after “All About Me,” “Smile More,” slows it down from the other songs and breaks down her feelings with a lover. A strong, hi hat sound stays steady throughout the whole track. She wants her lover to smile more and Syd thinks that maybe she can do that by being honest or to “turn these lights low,” or off and she decides, “on second thought, leave ‘em on.”

New and popular artist 6lack features on a song with Syd titled, “Over,” the 11th track on the album. This song starts out with some high pitched bells into a steady drum that introduces the bass and Syd on the drop. As hinted in the title, this song is about a relationship ending. She talks about all of the things that have changed, how they aren’t working and how it’s time to move on.

Even with the breakup song, the general sound to this album is upbeat. Syd’s bringing in positive energy and keeping her relationships with people real. She’s honest in her songs and brings out a subtle beat and melodic lyricism for listeners to keep this 12 track album on repeat.

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