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“Logan” is a hit in theaters


Tom Cottingham

Features Editor

The superhero genre may seem to be a bit over saturated with the continued releases by Marvel and DC Comics. Plus with Netflix and The CW releasing superhero television shows, the genre may be played out and too cliché at this point. Logan, however, is an exception in the pack.
Although Logan may seem to be just another Wolverine/X-Men flick, it is quite more than just that. It is a superhero movie by nature, but this film is so well done and thought out that it gets the feel of a standalone movie with brilliant acting, action and twists.
The film stars Logan, famously known as Wolverine, who is well past his prime. His claws start to dull, he is more on edge and is even contemplating suicide. Logan is hiding out with two other mutants, Professor X and Caliban. Professor X, who has one of the most powerful brains on Earth, also has been hit by father time. He appears to be suffering from Alzheimer’s. Caliban, the albino mutant with powers to track other mutants through smell, still lives in a rusted, old barn by the United States-Mexico border with the two. Mutants are on the brink of extinction.
Logan and Professor X discover a young girl in Mexico whose guardian just died. To their luck, the girl happens to be one of a new generation of mutants, and she happens to possess the claws of Wolverine: even with two small daggers that grow from her feet.
This leads the aging professor and the short-tempered Wolverine traveling across the country to bring the young girl Laura to the pack of young mutants in North Dakota. From the trip to the arrival, there is enough drama, suspense and action to entertain the everyday movie goer. From start to finish, the film demonstrates mastery of telling a deep and dark story.
The film is rated R, so it brings more adult content and humor. And gore. This film does not shy away from showing bloody battles and explicit fighting styles from viewers. The duo of Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart seem to also show more chemistry in this X-Men movie. Jackman shows his ability to act like a raged killer to a compassionate soul who is done being hurt by everyone he cares about. Stewart’s acting is remarkable to be able to perform such a perfect aging Professor X, and is able to make the audience think for a second.
The best part of this movie was that it has a darker undertone than most recent superhero movies. The heroes finally received a reality chance and had their backs against the wall. There are no happy beginnings or endings and the film just brings a very chilling but exciting feel.
The action and fighting scenes are extremely detailed. Although detailed, the fights are the perfect amount of time. The story flows very well and the timing is just right for a film such as this one. It is not too long but it is also long enough.
Overall, Logan can make the audience laugh, cry, gasp and want more after the credits roll.

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