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Jeans are making a comeback

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Brianna McKnight

Staff Writer

Jeans may have been dropping in popularity from 2013 to 2014, but this year they may break a sales record.
Jeans are popular in about every style right now, especially since trends are being pulled from multiple decades. There are so many different looks that can be taken on just by changing the style of jeans one wears. The aesthetic of a pair of jeans speaks so much to the person that wears them. By just changing the style of your jeans or the length of the hem, an outfit can go from sexy to business casual to street by using the same exact outfit just switching out the jeans.
Almost all styles of jeans are in right now, but the hottest style for winter or spring is cropped jeans. No matter the season, cropped jeans will be worn in 2017. Many wore cropped jeans in the cold weather just fine this winter by wearing colored stockings underneath, calf height boots or socks taller than their shoes. These were just tall enough to reach their jeans. The cropped jean became popular in fringe, both short and long fringe which give the outfit two completely different looks, uneven hems, asymmetrical hems or when the hem is frayed.
The public wonders if skinny jeans are coming to an end, but it doesn’t seem likely. The start of cropped jeans began a new era for the skinny jeans.
The asymmetrical, shorter front hem, multiple colored and frayed skinny cropped jeans are fashionable and adorable. This new era and popular trend of the over-the-knee boots will keep skinny jeans alive.
Jeans folded about four to five inches up have been spotted several times in the past couple months and flared jeans are making their way back day by day. These two styles can give an outfit an adventuress and bohemian look or a chic and clean look depending on the outfit. Another popular trend that adds to the fabulousness of torn and distressed boyfriend jeans is the addition of fishnets into an outfit.
Each pair of jeans comes with a different personality and look, don’t be scared to try out something new! This spring is the perfect time to try out the cropped, uneven hem jeans and bring back your own style of bell bottoms and flares.

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