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Graduating editor reflects on time at The BV, what it means to be a Bonnie


By: Elizabeth Grady

Promotions Editor

Just four years ago, I was preparing to walk across the stage and leave high school behind with the exciting prospect of becoming a Bonnie. But, looking back, I realize I had no idea what that meant.

I know I’m not alone when I sit here and reflect on how fast my undergraduate career at St. Bonaventure seemed to fly before me. I remember nervously walking into the Shay-Lo lobby with my hands shaking as I signed in at the registration table. The theme of orientation revolved around answering that question I’d been wondering: what’s a Bonnie?

It wasn’t until I got involved in on-campus extracurricular activities that I fully understood what this endearing term actually meant. In particular, The Bona Venture helped me realize this.

From the second I nervously submitted my first movie review to the newspaper, I felt welcomed and encouraged to be a part of this group. Being a Bonnie, from my own experiences, means being a member of an inclusive and welcoming group.

As the only remaining senior at the newspaper, I’ve watched the paper evolve a lot over the years.

I had the amazing opportunity to learn about sass, layout and AP Style from Amanda Klein, Emilee Lindner and Maria Hayes. I admired upperclassmen like Alexandra Fioravanti and Kristy Kibler, watching them graduate and move on to establish successful careers in their fields. I laughed at the hilarious jokes of Jake Sonner, Mike Vitron and Bryan Jackson.

As a young freshman, it was people like them who took me in and showed me how to be a Bonnie.

I met some of my best friends throughout my years at The Bona Venture. I watched a young freshman, undecided major Alexandra Salerno, go from being simply my assistant features editor to the editor-in-chief of the newspaper and my best friend. If it weren’t for The BV, I may not have met friends like Kerri Linsenbigler, Matthew Laurrie, Kyle Zamiara and Heather Monahan.

With bittersweet emotion, my name will no longer be in the staff box. But as the staff of The BV turns over to the next generation, I know it will continue to be a welcoming group of hard-working and funny people.

With less than three weeks left, it’s hard to believe it’s almost over. But as each of us Bonnies walk across the stage, we bring with us our own definition of what a Bonnie is.

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