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ENACTUS to host the Science of Magic

February 26, 2015 – 4:03 pm |

By Zach Waltz
Associate Editor
ENACTUS will host the Science of Magic event on March 21 from …

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Baby it’s cold outside

February 26, 2015 – 4:14 pm |

By Emmy Kolbe

Assistant Features Editor


St. Bonaventure has transformed from a college campus into arctic terrain, and freezing temperatures don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.

Although Bonaventure is a small campus, a five-minute walk from the dorms to an academic building is enough to numb the body.  It can take less than a half hour for frostbite to set in, according to Exposed skin may not seem like a huge deal, but a pair of gloves could prevent frostbite and a trip to the hospital.  Students in the Townhouses and Francis Hall are at an even higher risk if they don’t have a car since they are farther from the main campus.

The intense temperatures have affected students’ daily routine, they said.

“I started waking up earlier to check the weather before going out to class so I could make sure I’m dressing appropriately,” Tom Cottingham, a freshman journalism and mass communication major,  said. “I have to take more time to dress warmly, which can get annoying sometimes.”

The average temperature for the month of February in Olean so far was 10 degrees, according to This makes getting out of bed and going to class a difficult task to achieve, some students explained.

“The school should close if it’s abnormally cold outside.  There’s no reason why students or faculty should walk to class in minus 40 degree wind chill,” Cottingham said.

Bonaventure has yet to close campus due to low temperatures, so students are forced to face the chill and hike to class.

Some students don’t attend all their classes due to the weather and if they do go to class, they come back to their dorms and stay inside for the rest of the day, they said.

“When I have an 8:30, I’ll check my phone and see that it’s minus 15 degrees outside,” freshman journalism and mass communication major Josh Svetz said.  “Honestly, it hurts my enthusiasm to go to my classes.”

The negative temperatures have impacted attendance in classes as well, some students said.

“I think the negative weather has affected the attendance in class and also effects students’ willingness to go outside for anything,” freshman strategic communications and digital media major Marissa McCall said.  “Personally, I have opted to stay in my warm bed rather than walk outside in the freezing cold.”

The weather has changed students’ readiness to walk farther distances.  For those who live in dorms such as Robinson, Falconio and Doyle halls, the Hickey Dining Hall is a bit father away than for those who live in Shay and Loughlen Halls or Devereux Hall.  Closer options can mean staying warm, but spending a little extra money.

“I’ve been going to the Hickey less and going to the RC Café more, which has hurt my bank account,” Svetz said.

The cold weather has made it difficult for students to follow their routines.  When spring arrives, the campus will be filled with joy once again- until finals week comes around.



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